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Last week while I was hurting my brain over what my story was going to be, my homework from a small after-school group called Cold-Heart Critiques created by my roommate, was just to take the week off and do whatever I wanted.  This group meets on Thursday nights at 7pm and runs until 10pm in the back room of Film Services to try to dig deeper than class discussions about issues we have in our artwork, particularly our thesis right now.  I went back to my roots in drawing on paper, and it was a ball.  I'm still real rusty, but these are the sketches I did during that period.  I also went back to watercolor painting.  These bird panels were for my other story that I kept changing, inspired by Hiroshige's Birds and Flowers [seen at the Norton-Simon Museum].  Similar themes kept on coming up; there's only one page that looks different ["The Old Man and the Tree"].  I believe that will become at least an illustrated story, if not a short animation...but that's for the future.  Beasts [male] and Birds [female] are a common thread.  Some are revisited characters from other series that are on hiatus.  Drew myself for the first time in ages.  Guess which one--should stand out like a red in a field of green. Haha.