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Real references to finesse the little girl's character, LUMI.

Using this blog post--all work is NOT MINE, but pooled form deviantart.com  [links are from each artist respectively].

CL4551C P0R7R4175:  Keeping the little girl aspect, but some are more with nature.  I like the reddish tints.  The theme will be in Autumn, to the First Frost of Winter.  First one depicts the mood just right, a little harsh in lighting, but I will fix that in the animation!  Also, scale is opposite.  The wolf is bigger than Lumi.  This is Snow Walk:

Snow Walk
Yes, My Lord
Something Beatutiful
Eyes Full of Autumn Sky
Last of the Mohiacans
Inside A Dream
Model Julia
Angel Kathleen
My Tears...My Pain...
Red Secrecy
With Your Wild
In Memory of Innocence
Iga and Felicjan