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NOVEMBER:  Story, character design, storyboards

11.19 - 11.21    Nice Storyboards
11.23 - 11.28    Color bars / chart / script

DECEMBER:  Styling, more color concepts, visual development

12.3 - 12.5        Location Viz Dev
12.19 - 12.22    Style frame combos  [hand-watercolor, digital texture, outlined]
12.29 - 12.31    Viz Dev other possibilities  [Africa, Inuit]

JANUARY:     Finalize characters, testing styles and snow effects, and get faculty together for PRELIM
**APPROXIMATION:  Subject to change due to class schedule**

o1.o4 - o1.o8    Final renders and sketch compilations [expressions and anatomy] of characters
o1.1o - o1.13    Visual test of spinning and / or scene of style chosen
o1.17 - o1.21    Ask digital teacher's opinion
o1.21 - o1.23    Make changes to tests if needed
o1.28 - o1.3o    Prepare for Thesis Preliminary Presentation [get faculty together, too]

FEBRUARY:  Catch up on tests, start animating, constantly get feedback, think about sound

MARCH:         Keep animating and getting feedback, make rough sound to animated scenes

APRIL:            Present to thesis class again, keeping animating and cut together scenes

MAY:               Continue process, school ends

**Work progress during the summer if no internship**



ESTIMATED BUDGET  [subject to change when necessary]!