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I was asked if I was choosing a specific culture or setting for my film.  I answered that my characters will look more Asian because of the way I draw.  The backgrounds will look like the woods in Beauty and the Beast [if it weren't for the dialogue, I wouldn't know it was set in France].  The following is my research on different parts of the world I liked.  I don't want my work to look culturally set in Asia because this film is not directed at that demographic only.  Healing of Snow has a universal theme with layers of different characteristics found in us as humans, the choices that parents make for their children, the desires of freedom from children, and relationships with nature.

I was looking at German forests for the mood:

I don't like how thin branches are in Canada and China, so I'm looking at European forests.  Here's Russia:

And finally, France [their winter is kind of dull, but they do have the Alps]:

Canada has this though, Aurora Borealis: