:: Qu073 0n F41RY 74L35 ::

"Everyone likes a fairy tale story because everyone wants things to come out right in the end.  And even though to tell a story is to tell some kind of untruth, one often suspects that what seems to be untruth is really a hidden truth."

-Ralph Harper:  The Sleeping Beauty


:: F1N4L P0P UP ::

These are the designs that I made from the original painting I did last month, and the Final pop-up scene!  Total time [including designing]:  3 full days.

Finished Product:



:: P0P - UP PR4C71CUM ::

For 6 days, 2 weeks, Colette Fu came into CalArts Experimental Animation to teach us the basics of pop-up book engineering.  I decided that after the class, I would make something that practiced what we were taught.  Below are two mockups for THIS SCENE in Healing of Snow:

:: Xm45 G1f7 ::

One of my roommates who was my composer for OASIS is graduating this year.  She got me something that is wintery and suits my film:  A japanese tea set and Black Currant Tea!  D0m0, Julie~

Bought a matching plate at WalMart~


:: 7h3 4rch173k7 ::

This animation is done by Arms and Sleepers.  It's what my film would be like if it wasn't a tragedy.  This will be another project for my L1F3 P4R7N3R and I.  :]


:: R3F3R3NC35 ::

This winter break, I pulled out the holiday coat I had when I was 7.  This is the coat I'm basing LUMI's jacket on--

After coming back to SoCal, I got the chance to go to Palm Springs to visit the Living Desert and the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Canyons.  Got great pictures and footage this weekend with a new Canon Rebel t2i--

In the Canyons:



New visuals for 2o11!  This is the first full color test I've done for Healing of Snow.  5 seconds took 5 days!  Exciting!  Below is also the making-of process of the test.  Enjoy~


H05 :: 5P1N from JACONNI on Vimeo.


H05 :: 5P1N 7357 from JACONNI on Vimeo.