These are important!  Well, humans tend to name EVERYTHING...I agree~

The names were actually in the sketches in two posts prior, but I'll write them again with links to my research:

The Little Girl  [Protagonist]
LUMI:  Means "snow" in Finnish.  It also means "light" in Latin.

KO:  Originally I wanted it to be YUKIKO, which is Japanese for yuki "snow / happiness / joy / valuable / reason" and ko "child."  However, I didn't want it to be a "Japanese girl."  Love the culture and the language, since it was a perfect name, but I decided to take the "ko" part and use it as their last name.  I prefer mixing cultures and race up!  That's what people get when there is a mixed child...hehe.

The Father [Antagonist]:
EDMUND:  English, German, and Polish usage.  Old English for "rich protector," ead "rich / blessed," and mund "protector."  It's supposed to be ironic, because the ending [his actions] is against this name's meaning...dundundun.

The Wolf  [Change Character]:
LYALL:  English [rar usage].  Scottish surname derived from Old Norse given name Liulfr [derived from ulfr "wolf"].

Technically, two of the characters change, but the Father instigates the whole story [so it works like like a triangular circle].  Edmund overprotects Lumi, but it's unclear if he's doing it for her own good or if he enjoys telling her what to do.  Lumi gets upset because she is trying to explore nature, and does so [but gets lost].  Lyall saves Lumi at first trying to eat her, but realizes she trusts him in her half-frozen state.  The two finally form a bond, but Edmund steps in and kills it.  Then we go, "Why??"  "WHY???"