::CH4R4C73R R3ND3R5::

Getting ready for my Preliminary Review for early next semester [Spring 2o11].  These are the final [or extremely close to] character designs, colors, and style of LUMI, EDMUND, and LYALL.  I'm still experimenting with the coloring technique, and if I want to keep the outline.  For this film, I'm leaning towards keep it because it's a harsher type of story.

LUMI's coat is based off a holiday jacket that my mother gave to me and my younger sister.  I treasured it and wore it every Christmas; I still have it for it's seasonal spirit.  I looked at Elmer Fudd for EDMUND's gun, and Colonel Mustard for the clothing colors  [my favorite male Clue character!]  I like LYALL without an outline, but he looks like a ghost against the snow without it.  :]