The Journey is Finally Over!

After 2 years, I'm finally freeeeee!

I want to thank the following people who helped make HEALING OF SNOW possible talent-wise, technically, supportively, and financially:

Father Actor:  Jason Davis
Lumi Actress:  Katrina Ireland
Editing:  Joanna Leitch
Thesis Instructors:  Maureen Selwood, Laura Heit
Sound Design:  Rodrigo Garcia-Flores
Final Sound Mixer:   Raffaello Mazza
EA Faculty:  Hillary Kapan, Soyeon Kim, Maureen Furniss, Paul Vester, Emery Martin, Gordon Kurowski
Character Faculty:  Dan Hansen, Jim Hull, Robert Lence, Matt Williames, Lisa Keene, John Mahoney
SPECIAL THANKS:  AMDG, M, D, Fam, [R], Cold-Hearted Critiques, Ahmenson D2, EA MFA 2o12 Class

This is my new poster for 2012: