:: Nietzsche's Motto ::

Yesterday, I gave my Thesis presentation and the discussion about Edward [Lumi's Father] came into question.  Is he trying to be protective, while being annoyed at the same time?  Yes.  Is he trying to be the "bad cop" to be the "good father?"  Yes.  His methods are rough and unrefined, and this results in a tragic choice of killing off one of the two good characters in the end.  Lumi or the Wolf?

Edward is very in-tune with who he is.  German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is NOT one of my favorites, but I do read what he has to say, because some of it I agree with.  He believed that people who are willing to stand against the grain follow their "inner law," thus, as Pindar used to say, "Become what you are."

Edward is a father:  He becomes this in a very extreme way; there is no stopping him.  He is also a hunter; his instincts come first, before reason.  I put him in the position of a murderer from the beginning,  but making it subtle, until the very end.  His intention of killing is about survival; he kills to eat, and he kills to not be eaten.  I'm probably putting too much thought into the characters, but hopefully at least some of this complexity comes out in the film.  :]